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6 February 1963
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I am a 45 year old Paramedic in my civilian life, and I am also an Army Reserve Lt. Col with military Intelligence. I stand 6'3" tall and weigh 220 Lbs, with A slender build. I wear my blond hair short, and I am told I have green eyes. I am a Graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, though I usually tell people "Naval Academy" because Merchant Marine tends to confuse people. The academy is a Branch of the Naval Academy and is where I got my commission, and my B.S. in Engineering. I live in Michigan, in the United states and am single, never married. When I finally find the woman I can't live without, I will get married, God willing medical technology will be advanced enough I'll still be able to have children. I returned from Iraq last June (2007) after 15 months there. I earned a Bronze Star for Bravery and had, overall, a very positive experience there.